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What Are You Listening To Right Now?


Before Listening to something else...
I find that this exists is hilarious
Also the new browser I am using somehow recovers tabs of the pages I was last on and I fogot I had this on


"What is a man, who lays a hand on his lover, and calls it tough love
What is a man, who can't take a stand for his daughter, and calls it tough love
Your roots grow in the crack of the alleys, college park made you
Man enough to see man enough to see, there ain't a goddamn man in me…"

Edit: man issues has so much talent. The guitars, the singer. Amazing. Sensational


I´m listening to Twice - The Reason Why. Such a beautiful song. It deserves a lot of recognition. It´s one of their Japanese tracks.


Whenever I hear this melody, unrest wells up from my subconscious. The neurotic stimulation of this whistling vibration in my ear canal elicits the desire to commit a violent crime against the one producing it! We best stay clear of this thread for awhile.

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