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Let it Die

Jan 07, 17 at 1:35am

So what are people's opinion on the game? I really like the game so far even though I'm at beginning. The graphics are really nice as well.

camehameha commented on Let it Die
Jan 16, 17 at 3:36pm

Sorry, I have yet to play it, is it any good?

Jan 16, 17 at 3:47pm

It's pretty good. I like the backstory of it so far and I love the fighting techniques as well.

Jelly-Senpai commented on Let it Die
Jan 16, 17 at 3:51pm

It still reminds me of Dark Souls mixed with with an older PS2 game called Baroque. In all three games, you die a lot and the "soul" you lose will haunt you in different ways... which usually means you gotta fight youself or it wrecks face with, well, your face.

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