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Can you survive watching Boku No Pico?!

Pretty sure it was infamous cause it was shota on guy not because it was just shota since big boob girl x shota stuff tends to be popular and it was presented to the public as an ecchi anime rather than hentai similar to how redo of healer and interspecies reviewers also had people upset since these three were pretty much just softcore hentai plus it released in 2006 people were not used to that kind of anime @naughtywulf
I feel like if it wasn’t made popular because of the fact that it’s a literal CHILD having sex with a fully grown man... I’d be shocked at that lol. When I found out what it was me and my sister never finished the first episode. Anyone that enjoys shota and underage kids having sex (yes, even in animated form) need to be drug out into the street and shot U-U. (If not shot then arrested or on the FBI watch list/closely evaluated XD)
Yeah. Its shitty. I ain't no simp. Espescially not for children. Anime children are not even cute. To begin with. Its a self serving lie so people have something else to swing their ding-a-ling to.
My best friend made me sat down and watched all the episodes , i couldnt stop laughing also , the pit of my stomach clinched lmao
My ex was the person who introduced me to anime and she told me not to watch it so i never did but i somewhat know what it's about cause of the memes and people talking about it
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