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goku or naruto


@kuharido which iteration, though?

saitama's strong enough to create a second big bang, whats superman got?

Aug 03, 21 at 11:52pm

@momoichi first off, Saitama is a gag character, he's only powerful in his own universe. Secondly, Saitama is a Superman clone. Superman is stronger than all his clones.


@kuharido no no, he's a commentary on heroes like goku and superman and their ridiculous power levels (probably, i don't think ONE ever said anything regarding this, but it seems implied)

superman becomes as ridiculously op as saitama doesnt he? i think its a worthy satire.

Aug 03, 21 at 11:58pm

Superman being op is not for the sake of being op. It's to contribute to the story. In Superman Red Son, Superman was able to run a near global government but even with his power it wasn't enough to bring utopia.

Saitama lost his story point by season 1. We needed the support character of King to make Saitama mildly amusing. Garou was the main character of season 2 and the show was significantly better until Saitama shows up again. Saitama is a one trick pony. That trick being op to make us laugh. Saitama provides no commentary on the condition of superheroes.


@kuharido in the later chapters of the webcomic, saitama's role becomes something of a therapist that guides wayward people

he becomes not just a hero with his fist, but with his words too. wish i could get more into that but fookin plebs don't read the webcomic so itd be spoilers. his op strength never gets repetitive, its pretty amazing how ONE (and sometimes murata) can use the same trope over and over and it's still funny


anyways, lelouch could kick both of their asses

Aug 04, 21 at 1:31pm


Aug 09, 21 at 11:50am

Megumilia wins! Unstoppable plot armor gooooooOOOO EXPLOSION!

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