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Make and Rate custom Jojo Stand Names (and what their localized names would be)


We should also have a list of submissions so people can easily review them rather than tediously dig through random posts.
Currently the following Stands have been rated:
1.Wield All (Rank A)
2.Deserted Archipelago (Rank C)
3.No Chomo (Rank D)


Stand name: Hotel California
Localized Name: Invisible Timeshare
Power: Stand manifests as a key that allows the user access to a pocket dimension with the appearance of a hotel room.


Stand name: Flat Earth
Localized Name: Frisby of Truth
Power: Can teleport anyone to an alternate dimension where everyone has an IQ of 189 and the world itself is justice.


Stand Name: Notorious B.I.G.
(Original Localized name in official Dub: Notorious Chase)
My Localized name: Infamous F.A.T.


I will rate "Frisby of Truth" a C.

You misspelled Frisbee.


Stand Name: Twilight Zone
Localized Name: Sunset Dominion
The affected persons are trapped in between dimensions. The realm takes the appearance of a never ending corridor with a window that shows the day reaching its transition into night, but the sun never fully sets. It just repeats the loop endlessly. That is until the bullet hits the bone!

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