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Unfinished Works


Fuck. Even Gangsta?

What the hell is wrong with the anime industry?


I'm hoping that with the growing interest in anime, maybe those shows that people loved will get reborn or expanded upon. They're doing that with Fruits Basket. The original was good but the remake is really really good.


I’m still upset about no continuation for Gundam Seed Destiny


I wish the industry would shoot for a 24 or 56 episode minimum depending on the already established manga fanbase. 12 episodes that are just 20 mins long isn't enough. 8( Not all anime need to go on forever like One Piece and Bleach. Once you get up to 150 episodes, watching a series becomes very, very laborious.

Sep 16, 20 at 10:41am

Id go as far as to say when you get over 60 episodes it gets easy to lose interest


I was trying to be generous for series like Inuyasha and Fairytail but honestly I'm sick of both of them. Trying to watch the Inuyasha movies while Arc finishes up the series and trying to finish Fairytail which used to be one of my favorite series. Now it's just dragged out to the point I don't even care.

Sep 16, 20 at 10:53am

It got to that point for me at like 80 eps lmao.

Sep 16, 20 at 11:01am

I feel stuff like that’s a fine balance. If you have too many episodes and not enough content you make a boring show. Too little episodes with jumps because of lack of time, then you make a confusing show that doesn’t build interest.

Sep 16, 20 at 1:33pm

A second season of Lost Canvas


X/1999 manga. CLAMP threw it in such brutal hiatus towards its end...

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