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Summer 2020 Anime Season


Really, just re-zero?

Personally I'm really looking forward to finally getting a third season of "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU".

And I know Sword Art Online's plot as been kind of crappy this last arch, but it's still a decent anime. Nobody brave enough to admit they want to watch it besides me?

@elhaym I'd happily watch "Monster Musume no Oisha-san" with you.

Enen no Shouboutai is also get a 2nd season. Again, the plots a bit weak, but the fighting scenes are at least cool to watch.

Audio-senpai @charlie_swan commented on Summer 2020 Anime Season
Audio-senpai @charlie_swan
Jun 27, 20 at 3:16pm

Honestly, if this doesn't happen I'm gonna be very disappointed.


Oh. And yes Subaru is a bit of tool. But I get the choice. The heart wants what the heart wants. Personally I think Rem and Ram way out shined Emilia as lovable characters. But just cause you don't agree with the main characters choice doesn't make him trash. We all have our preferences.

Not to mention, Rem brutally murdered Subaru how many times? Emilia brutally murdered him zero.

Subaru is the opposite of the typical "over powered hero from another universe" he's an overwhelmingly under powered guy that constantly gets destroyed by everyone he comes up against. He's constantly getting killed in horrible ways. Give the guy a break.

Jun 27, 20 at 3:19pm

maybe we can watch it together with Franny? Would love to have an anime night with some peeps


May I remind you Emilia is the cause for his suffering
And if she dies the world is fucked.
Subarus suffering from stockholm Syndrome


@a_wesley_g i dont like when people bring up the whole murdering him thing. Because she was only trying to protect everyone. Subaru has died dozens of more times over emilia than he has for rem's sake. Plus he did propose running away with rem and starting a family with her and all that despite being in love with emilia it was only after rem said something did he come back to his senses


I mean i didnt look at the current line up for anime coming. But im looking forward to attack on titan and the movie for demon slayers in october




My girlfriend is the cause of 80% of my suffering.... Still wouldn't trade her in for anyone.

Well the fact is, Subaru was supposed to be a guest in the house, and she took it upon herself to kill him. Yes, maybe she thought she was protecting everyone. But nobody asked her to kill him. She's a servant killing her masters guest, without her masters permission. Her master was the one that granted him permission to be there.

And the fact that she was trying to protect everyone doesn't change the fact that she did in fact very brutally kill him multiple times.


Subaru saves countless people. Dies multiple times to achieve this
Prostrates himself
Embarrasses himself
Gets treated like a fucking dog
And how does Emilia reward him?
A lap pillow.
A fucking lap pillow is all he got.
She's shit.

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