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Rewatching Animes


By the by has anyone read the latest Black Butler manga?

Jun 17, 20 at 8:49am

No. No spoilers.

Jun 17, 20 at 8:50am

Yeah. Only hints of underage booty sex in Black Butler!


Haha, I feel it will be some time before the anime catches up to the source material. Book of Atlantic is only just reaching the halfway point.

Jun 17, 20 at 8:52am

The reason I don't read manga is because it spoils the anime for me. I want to see the action without knowing what's going to happen.

Jun 17, 20 at 8:57am

SAME THO. I won't touch a manga unless the anime is done. People don't get it, but if I read the manga first I will rip the anime to shreds.

Jun 17, 20 at 8:58am

What about manga that does not have anime?

Jun 17, 20 at 9:03am

I've read manga that go on to become anime, like Magi and Gangsta but I mostly read yaoi tbh. Real stories that aren't pure smut don't entertain me.

Jun 17, 20 at 9:09am

I might sound crazy right now, but i would rewatch One Piece.

Jun 17, 20 at 9:12am

Oh no you're not crazy. YOU'RE A PSYCHOPATH.

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