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Everything Pokemon

Jul 09, 20 at 5:26pm

Ever play that GBA Pokémon cards game? I don’t think I ever beat it let alone got past the beginning


I played the regular games like emerald and fire red and stuff


@senpaisamasan Can you request battles on showdown? In the future i wanna test out a few teams im thinking of?


Dude they have a VGC format with optimized pokemon

Hell yeah you can VGC pokemon
They have lots of other game modes too
And you can battle anyone you want
Edit: you can make teams in whatever format you want uu ou whatever the fuck they have
X2 edit: it's free, can be opened and played on phone and you'll have a blast, try some random battles they're fun at with premades



Some Vgc matches that got me into the competitive scene

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