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Everything Pokemon


@jc21095 also I got myself an extra Swirlix from wonder trade when I checked it at lunch so I can get the Item and you can keep the Slurpuff it evolves into.

My Friend Code is:


Anyone else on here and the Pokemon Fans page is also free to add me, I am looking for people to battle with (I do competitive battles and breed so that is prefered) and Trade. Just ask me first.

For Trades, I am looking for an Urshifu-Dark if no one wants theirs, I want one for battles on the latter.


Just sent you a friend request, I found a rhyerior!


@jc21095 alright I got it, connecting right now.
Code is 12345678

Edit: I need to get Swirlixes item first, gimme a sec


@jc21095 Ok now I am ready activating the code now, same as on top


Zamazenta and silvally I do want back. I can do aromatise last cause I think it is up in home atm (I originally was gonna pm you, but I don't think I can unless I friend you on here)


Lol, obviously i wouldnt keep them
sending zamazenta back now

Aug 04, 21 at 1:57pm

I like Pokemon as well!

Aug 04, 21 at 2:00pm

Aug 08, 21 at 2:30pm

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