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Everything Pokemon

Mar 01, 21 at 2:11am

I still want to know who thought anyone wanted to see a rapper in pokemon lmao. yikes.

Mar 01, 21 at 2:38am

we are in the wrong timeline


@reisenpai66 @aliatus they didn't even have any pokemon related songs or remixes, just remixes of old 90s pop songs or his originals. Also did anyone else notice that they censor out swear word, but not the word sex? I just found that funny.

EDIT: I also wanted to point out, He actually has metallic teeth

Mar 03, 21 at 6:26pm

language filters are usually handled per the console's SDK/API. switch and 3ds had services that contained filtered words.


Pokemon is for loser nerd babbies.


@reisenpai66 but lets be real, pokemon was never the most graphically fidelic series. The only reason people actually started to care about graphics in pokemon games now is because they decided to use that and *Hi gH qUaLiTy aNi Ma TiOns" as their excuse for cut content. I never cared about graphics with pokemon the content and whole variety of pokemon and the lore made up for it. And trust me, I have seen worse graphics than Swsh

Mar 05, 21 at 6:03pm

At least the older games looked simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing.
Legends Arceus just looks fuck ugly

Mar 05, 21 at 6:55pm

@projectotakux graphics dont bother me really.. ill still play it but im also a big pokemon fan, and a long time dataminer.. so im biased regardless. I helped get the gen 8 modding community up and running. I plan on doing the same with legends


I just loved breaking the game. Back in the 90s getting Missingno and capturing Blaine as well as wandering around in Glitch City was a load of fun. Never did complete the Pokedex since I was just screwing with the game.

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