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Playing Radical Red hack.

Specifically, Frosmoth and Corviknight have carried my run, but Aggron, Gastrodon and Escavalier come near.

This hack disallows the use of items during Trainer battles and Giovanni sends out Mega Mewtwo Y in a Doubles battle (Lance helps me with Dragapult, Dialga and Mega Salamence). In this battle I ran this mono-Steel half-team.

This hack is hard as fuck and it also has a soft-level cap for bosses...

(I get perfect natures bc I can change them for 7500 each Pokemon)



Pokemon news

-crown tundra release is october 22nd.
-more pokemon will be able to be transfered

-november will have a re: release (sorry couldnt help that) of sword and shield with expansion passes, so i would wait for those in case you still didnt get the game

-plus if something like this happens again they are bound to release dlc so maybe if we wait for the bundle versions for future games, they may get the message about delaying games huh?

-pokemon go will be able to work with pokemon home by the end of the year. "Pokemon caught in GO will be able to be transfered to Sword and shield." Not clear on what that may mean, could it mean the remaining missing pokemon not in expansions (ie typhlosion, feraligatr, etc.) Be transferable?

-transfering pokemon from GO spawns meltan in the app, gives player gift of a melmetal that can gmax in home.

-I hope they reconsider and renaming
regieleki and regidraco regizap and regidrake, they sound better


@nebelstern Bisharp is a badass pokemon, one of the first ones i bred for perfect ivs in x version


Indeed. Too bad its best STABs are Iron Head and probably Night Slash.

Dude gotta use its slashing arms for... you know... Steel elemental cutting.


@nebelstern um...sucker punch?


Sucker Punch is too prediction reliant. I hate Sucker Punch with a passion because it's Extremespeed except it activates on your attack... and it has less priority.


Its power had to be on the house of 40s and 50s, not 60 (or 80 like in this hack).


Another thing why I hate the meta is the prevalence of Stealth Rock BS ever since DPP/HGSS.

And with the introduction of Heavy Duty Boots in SM to nerf it, Cinderace becomes a god since it has coverage and fucking Protean (Libero is literally the same skill, goddammit!).

Dude. Pokemon Metagame died on DPPT. Hence why I play casual.


To be honest. I could really Thanosnap some Pokemons like Klefki, Dunsparce, Vannilluxe and Kanto Farfetch'd and make a more compact Dex without... yk useless/irrelevant Pokemon

(Klefki isn't useless, but its design just sucks)


Dunsparce is trying its best :(

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