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Castlevania season 3


I need a support group to help me recover from what I just watched.

I mean it wasn't Elfen Lied levels of depression, but I am now wrapped up in blankets pulling an Alucard right now.

I mean. . .WHY?

Just...no...but why!?

That ending doesn't make me want to watch a season 4.


This is why you don't let strange femboys into your bedroom. They promise you a good time of hand holding and compassionate understanding only to tie you to a bed and gouge out your still beating heart!!!


Good season tho, was hoping for Trevors theme to play when he started dual wielding


Yeah it was some cool action scenes but it kept cutting to Alucard being raped and it just ruined my hype.


Oh yea I was like "Am I stuck watching Devilman Crybaby again?" owo


Season 2 still hit me when they entered the House of Belmont

(Tieing the lore,easter eggs and The Morning Star)


Not gonna lie. How Alucard spends his evenings alone is too real for me. Even down to talking his toys.


Oh yea that too uwu

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