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Figure Collection


@projectotakux Was getting wasted and accidentally set paper cup on fire.
And, in my infinite wisdom, tried to toss the paper cup in the trash can, missed and set the box containing my figures including other thing on fire.

I didn't have a display case nor a desk at the time, so they were all neatly placed, still in the it original package, in a cardboard box.

Was too stoned to notice what I had done. Honestly, I thought I was outside watching a campfire or something.
It took my a few minutes to realize my mistake. When I did, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed some orange juice( it was the first thing I could find ) and killed the fire.

Most of the figures were either completely destroyed or so badly burnt that all I could do was throw them away.
One survived. But is stained. Not sure if from the smoke, fire or the orange juice.

So yeah... Thought about killing myself that day.

Apr 07, 21 at 12:09am

That is quite the harrowing tale! My condolences good stranger.


@shaggydaggy Want something from my items for sale? I will let you know what I am willing to give you for free


@projectotakux Appreciated, but I don't currently have to space for such as I'm moving here soon.

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