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Favorite vocaloid??

Sep 10, 19 at 4:20pm

And hide in a bush or turret a good distance from the team fight when using ult so if someone leaves to kill you, you can easily see them, and as for the combo, just ult, 2nd, 1st, basic attack till you can use 1st or 2nd again

Sep 10, 19 at 4:21pm

I main Hanzo in the Smurf account... I main argus in old account

Sep 10, 19 at 4:24pm

And also... In the beginning, get Hanzo's 1st skill then go bot lane go to the regular jungle monster atop from the buff monster get your five basic attacks in as close to the edge as possible then quickly use sprint and steal the enemy top buff

Sep 10, 19 at 4:26pm

And buy the shoes in the beginning to help you get that enemy buff,

commented on Favorite vocaloid??
Sep 10, 19 at 5:38pm

I'll take note of that, I'll play Hanzo in classic and try just what you said xd

Sep 10, 19 at 5:42pm

You can add me if you want I can show you if it doesn't work out

Sep 13, 19 at 6:32pm

Neru Akita is my top-favourite. And Haku Yowane makes a perfect singing partner for her, IMO. Their voices sync so well with each other.
Shame that they're excluded from the "official core group".
As far as official characters are concerned, I like Luka and Gumi. But they can never fully occupy Neru's place in my heart.

Sep 13, 19 at 10:31pm

Please hatsune miku

Lamby commented on Favorite vocaloid??
Sep 13, 19 at 10:52pm

super sonico

Sep 14, 19 at 1:19am

Megurine Luka even though i barely listen to Vocaloid anymore ~

She has a great voice and just looks good ~

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