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what do you think of hunter x hunter?

Laughing Fox commented on what do you think of hunter x hunter?
Laughing Fox
Dec 29, 18 at 11:44am

Tried it years ago when it first aired- didn't like it. Preferred Yu Yu (even if the original ending was less than what it could have been).

Dec 29, 18 at 11:51am

The current arc is getting really cool

Dec 29, 18 at 12:43pm

Alluka best trap. I haven’t kept up with the manga in so long. I love Morel he has to be one of the coolest dudes with such a fascinating ability.

Dec 29, 18 at 5:35pm

hunter x hunter is hawt af.


honestly, I love the plot and the characters.. it starts a bit slow but I love how the world is built up..
but the actual manga arc is slighty killing me, because it´s just too much of everything and I wish desperatly to get it over with..

urbn_shinobi commented on what do you think of hunter x hunter?
Jan 05, 19 at 3:32am

Love the show but can we get Togashi to tell the anime people how the story is gonna go(a la Game of Thrones and GRRM) because if we have to wait for him to finish writing it im gonna lose it

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