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Anyone play/watch Yu-Gi-Oh!

Nov 23, 18 at 6:57pm

use to watch, tried playing phone game but felt like no matter what deck I made, I'd never get anything I needed...

Nov 29, 18 at 10:05pm

I watched most episodes up till the new Vrains started. It started getting too complex. I do enjoy exceed monsters though.

Nov 30, 18 at 12:11pm

I have a friend that works at a card shop and is super into it. I saw the original growing up as a kid and was addicted to playing it for a few years. I tried picking it up for like a 1 year back in 2013ish, but people are so good now @_@. The game is so complicated with all the new cards and it's hard to keep up with the meta for me.

Nov 30, 18 at 3:51pm

I play it, but my deck is 100% illegal.

Nov 30, 18 at 4:07pm

I used to watch but i have collection aot of yu-gi-oh cards like red eyes black dragon blue eye white dragon dark magician dark magician girl magician of black chaos magician valkyria obelisk the tormentor

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