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Which anime character do you believe has suffered the most


It's been a while, but I remember the characters from elfen lied had a pretty shit life.

When the theme of your anime is this: "Elfen Lied involves themes of social alienation, identity, prejudice, revenge, abuse, jealousy, regret and the value of humanity."


The dude from Re:Zero. That guy man......... I would've quit after everything he had to go through throughout the entire show.


I mean he wasn't really a good guy, maybe even deserved it but he was tortured for an entire year during which he was castrated, had the tendons in all his limbs snipped, tounge tore out, eyelids removed, and starved.


All the girls from Mahou Shoujo Site, Kinda cheating since it revolves around them being unfortunate.


There is an anime called "Rainbow" or something like that and one of the characters had it horrible, sorry I don't remember his name.


I'll just leave these children from Grave of the Fireflies here.


Came here to nominate Ken Kanaki but someone already beat me to it


I think some previously named candidates had it worst than mine but I'm going to name Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass. Let's see:
-He grew up without a real name or purpose except being a tool for others
-he is sent on a mission to be someone's brother but that person plays with his emotion to manipulate him and make him believe they like themselves a lot as brothers and "we're not real brothers but the moments we share together feel real to me" so again he is a tool
-his brother reveal he's been trying to kill him at every opportunity and he's faking it all and he hates him
-Rolo never felt love before and he chose fake love because it's actually better than no love at all
-Rolo abuses his magic power to save his fake brother and the strain on him is so strong that it kills him
-He dies convincing himself that his brother's rant and death threats were fake and that he's just a big liar that actually loves him

Also Avatar Korra. Have you seen Legend of Korra? It's like the creators are the biggest ryona fetishists on the planet for crying out loud


That must inclued death to me so it will be Gin Ichimaru from Bleach :

-Acting since his a kid that he is a bad guy

-Everyone hates him

-Wasen't able to spend his time with his crush (Rangiku D:)

-All he did was useless because Aizen power up are just senseless

-Rangiku finally understand what he did this as soon as he die

-He couldn't even try out thosd oppai in front of him

fun fact : He had that smile on his face througout all the serie xD


Some male characters who suffered a lot more than they should have:

1: Tomoya Okazaki.

The man had a shitty relationship with his father and got into a fight that permamently injured his arm. This resulted in him not being able to play sports.

He lost his wife and then later his daughter.

2: Obito Uchiha

Was crushed by a boulder, watched as his best friend killed the love of his life, was manipulated by the man who orchestrated the death of Rin, corrupted by the cruelty of the world and turned into a mass murderer.

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