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Anime you hated the most?

Jul 17, 18 at 12:43am

I hate animes about start up as some loser and then dying in 21st century and resurrect as super prodigy in a fantasy world.

. commented on Anime you hated the most?
Jul 17, 18 at 1:58am

Guilty crown heads down!!
Except for its song everything is bs (it has some really amazing songs though).
The plot development especially is the most stupid one, they showed too many plot changes in a short duration of time, as if the creator was using a random dice of random ideas and rolling it to determine how the story should continue :p

Jul 17, 18 at 2:20am

School Days! The only one. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

dark_lord commented on Anime you hated the most?
Jul 21, 18 at 5:53pm

Anime that I hate? That would be Dragon Ball. I just can't bring myself to like it.

Jul 24, 18 at 10:12pm

To Love Ru, it's so shallow.

Jul 24, 18 at 10:46pm

I can't stand Boruto. I just can't bring myself to watch any other episodes I've watched the first 10 episodes an can't bring myself to watch anymore.

Jul 24, 18 at 10:55pm

I honestly don't hate many animes. I seem to be very good at enjoying pretty much whatever I watch ignoring the flaws. School Days is probably the closest, but I don't even hate the anime itself. All my hatred is directed towards makoto. Guilty Crown I enjoyed but was annoyed at how hectic and messy the plot was.

Jul 24, 18 at 11:12pm

All of them

Jul 30, 18 at 1:55pm

As usual, reading through these convinces me that none of you have ever seen an objectively bad anime. Which is cute. But still...

D.O. N.O.T. W.A.T.C.H. T.H.I.S.!

Jul 31, 18 at 7:48pm

Certainly To Love Ru. It is the only anime that I saw, thought it would be nice, was for a few first episodes, then made me want to puke. Everything, especially the fanservice is so forced and overused, that it's not nice even in the slightest.

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