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Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 4:27pm

@hell_hound7 I already read remonster and grind the mobile game.

I do remember lvl 99 villager. Maybe, I can get back into it.

Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 4:28pm

@koroshiya_desu I just threw up in my mouth. So, sick of mainstream. You guys are to cultured it's annoying.

Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 4:29pm

Where the real deep divers of the isekai abyss? I don't wanna have to make the dive myself.

Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 4:32pm

I'm not gonna sit here and be kind to your suggestions. I am a asshole asking for some good shiz. I don't want no mediocre. And, I won't pretend I'm going to read your suggestions. I need good shiz only.

Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 4:36pm

Who got that good isekai GAS? I don't want no MID.


I already said this somewhere on the comments I think.

Dungeon Defense it's pretty good, the characters are brutal and while the world it's a bit difficult to grasp the main storyline it's certainly easy to pick on.

Reincarnated as a Sword, it's okay, it's definitely super short compared to other Isekais, because, out of 260 or so chapters, around 60-70 are just compilations of their level ups and skills, it's pretty decent, if you stop reading at the Colosseum arc you can pretty much deem it as a finished light novel and you're not missing anything in particular.

Mushoku tensei it's pretty cool, if you can get past the main character and horrible translation's.

Saving up for retirement it's decent too, gets a bit boring around chapter 90 or so.

Grimgar it's beautiful

The one where the guy wins the lottery and finds a portal on his mansion it's also pretty good, name was 4 billion lottery, or something like that, it's pretty interesting, then, like all isekais, becomes dumb and sloppy after 70 or so chapters


Also, I suggest you never read Slime Tensei, the web novel at least.

It's retarded... In so many many painful ways... It's not even funny

There's better ways to lose your time out there

Although, if you're into DBZ, you probably will enjoy it a lot, since by the time Chapter 300 sets in, everything becomes pretty much DBZ, from enemies quality, story telling, to absurd power ups

Jul 15, 20 at 5:03pm

Alot of the isekai are unoriginal and boring. Only a fee are good hence why they are mainstream. Now i can recommend good manga all day but isekai you are outta luck fam

Dead @ithurts commented on Isekai
Jul 15, 20 at 5:05pm

Never read Dungeon Defense, it sounds right up my alley. BIG THANKS! I'm already a fan of Mushoku Tensei.


It's not even a matter of whether it's unoriginal or super boring

It's a matter of, most of the authors do a few shots, without any hopes, if their work suddenly becomes popular, then they keep it up, problem is, most of these authors never planned ahead and have no clue what they want to do with their story.

This is why they drag it on and on with pointless enemies, fights and ridiculous power ups, this is also why, almost every Web Novel, has a re-edition called Light Novel, which fixes a lot of the crap the web novel did. Ya know, because the author knows what a mess he did and what's he's supposed to do to fix it

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