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Any Guilty Crown fans here?

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I LOVE THAT ANIME. The second season was a bit meh...but still Enori, her voice, the songs.... OH SO GOOD!

Jan 26, 18 at 6:50pm

I enjoyed it more as it progressed. Not so much at first, thought the MC was pretty weak and just liked to complain but it was ok. Although i wish the MC got a better ending :(


He kept lapsing, that was the problem. He would grow, then he lapsed when someone died. Then he grew again, then some died, and he lapsed again. The a bunch of people died, and he stayed lapsed, then grew, then the story ended.

Feb 16, 18 at 1:33pm

My Dearest on the piano is to die for <3
As for the anime... it was meh. It reminded a lot of Code Geass, which is a downgrade as it had potential to be new but just was run of the mill.

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