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Oct 16, 17 at 1:11pm

'Code Realize - Sousei no Himegimi' Ep. 02

Pretty boys, a reverse harem, and a damsel in distress. I just can't get into this one. Pretty boys and boy bands aren't my thing. But the animation style is really well done. The story... we'll it a little cheesy from a guys perspective.

I'm curious how this one is from a girls perspective?

Oct 16, 17 at 1:18pm

'Hozuki no Reitetsu S2' Ep. 02

It's funny how they go about their jobs in hell with such a cheerful attitude. Talk about twisted. I find myself laughing, but then wonder if I really should, thinking back on mistakes I've made in my own life. I wouldn't want to end up in any of those hells. Great comedy though. Very well done.

Oct 16, 17 at 1:48pm

'Houseki no Kuni' Ep. 02

This is one is still hard to describe. It's done with 3d modeling, that's been pretty controversial in some of the anime it's previously been used in. But in this anime, it's actually really beautifully done. I can't say much for the plot, but the animation style and characters are very interesting. All of the girls in this anime are made of different crystals and gems. They fight invaders from the moon, that want to tear them to pieces and turn them into jewelry.

I'd recommend giving at least one episode a look just to see this shows unique artistic style. Despite the sort of slow plot, this last episode was a cliffhanger.

Oct 22, 17 at 1:56am

'Hozuki no Reitetsu S2' Ep. 03

I wasn't going to keep doing commentary this time... but damn... that was a freaking adorable episode. This wasn't really on my list to keep watching, but I'm glad I didn't miss that one. I laughed so hard at those two girls.

The people responsible for these two characters deserve an award.

Dec 01, 17 at 7:12pm

Mid Season Follow Up...

'Net-jus no Susume' has had me laughing nearly every episode. I would rate it one of the best romantic comedies of the year. Definitely recommend it.

'Houseki no Kuni' is one of the most beautiful animated series using 3d modeling that I've seen. It's story is very unique and the characters are very well done. It's gotten a lot more interesting than I thought it'd be.

'Mahoutsukai no Yome' has not disappointed. Just ask Teacup.

Dec 01, 17 at 7:36pm

'Inuyashiki' has gone over the top in sheer death toll so far. Never a dull moment. One second you're rooting for the good guys. The next you're oddly rooting for the bad guy. Then it turns around again. Definitely one to watch if you're not already... If the killing doesn't bother you that is.

'3-gatsu no Lion' has taken a totally unexpected turn. The second season is even better than the first. Really tugs on your heart strings.

'Shokugeki no Soma S3' has gone way over the top this season with the drama and changes in the direction of the story. Definitely gets your blood boiling.

Dec 03, 17 at 2:10pm

who is watching juuni taisen?!?!

Dec 04, 17 at 4:25pm

I am. Personally I'm rooting for Tiger.

Edited: Well damn. Nevermind. I’m done watching that one.

Dec 27, 17 at 6:55pm

The fall season is almost over... If you haven’t seen them yet, I still recommend the above anime to add to your watch list.

Dec 28, 17 at 3:25am


I'm not going to be here for the Spring season.

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