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Sep 21, 17 at 7:58pm

'Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e' Ep 11

I totally saw that coming. Yet I did NOT see that coming. What a terrible spot to end the episode.

Did they put all the vicious kids in class C?

If they get a way with that, I'm gonna be pissed.

Sep 21, 17 at 11:59pm

'Isekai Shokudou' Ep. 12

Cute episode. The waitresses were adorable.

That was a pretty good feel good anime. Kinda sorry to see it end.

Sep 23, 17 at 12:59am

'Shingeki no Bahamut' Ep. 23

It's getting close to the end. And that was another sad episode. It's getting intense.

Still... Rita is by far the cutest zombie girl ever. They did a seriously good job on the characters in this story. You either love them, or love to hate them.

This has been a really fun anime to watch. It actually is continuing from the spring season. But this is in my top 5 recommendations for this season as well.

Sep 23, 17 at 10:34am

'Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou' Ep. 24

This one started out okay, but then it got cheesy and cliché. Not to mention it turned totally yaoi.

I wouldn't recommend this one.

Sep 23, 17 at 11:03am

'Boku no Hero Academia' Ep. 37

That was a seriously awesome fight. And a twist at the end. Great episode.

Sep 23, 17 at 12:27pm

'Koi to Uso' Ep. 12

What the hell kind of bullshit ending was that.

In this story they totally had the option of a episode with an alterative ending. But that's not the direction they took it. Instead they went the route of a bad eroge. They get zero points for that ending.

Sep 24, 17 at 11:37am

'The Reflection' Ep. 10

The heroes are seriously slacking to be losing at every turn. Still that was quite a twist.

Sep 24, 17 at 12:51pm

Centaur no Nayami' Ep. 12

I hate it when seemingly cute and innocent shows for kids take a huge dive into the pervy deep end. There were 3 episodes in this series that went for PG to R for no reason at all.

It's one thing if you make it obvious right away that it's not something little kids should be watching. But it's distasteful how much of a lack of morality adults have towards cartoons and anime direct at little kids these days. It's getting to the point that you really have to screen everything before letting them watch.

Sep 25, 17 at 11:29am

'Konboni Kareshi' Ep. 10

I'm giving this romance story a 4 out of 10. That guy is seriously lame. First he doesn't even respond when the girl he likes confesses. Then he doesn't even catch her when she falls. What a loser. Very uncool just letting her fall.

Sep 26, 17 at 10:06pm

'Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou' Ep. 13

Okay, this isn't full blown Yaoi. But it's yaoi enough for me to warn you before you watch it. This isn't one I'd recommend. I'd rate it 4/10

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