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What Anime made you cry?

Sep 30, 18 at 10:08am

Mhhhm...Violet Evergarden, Vision of Escaflowne and Death Parade.

Sep 30, 18 at 9:19pm

ATTENTION! WARNING! This is not about an anime that made me cry, but news from an anime. This news is important for people who only watch the anime and do not read the manga and are caught up with it. Boku no Hero Academia. I tried to find more information about Mirio and discovered way more than what I needed to know. BIG spoilers. I recommend people to not search any information about Boku no Hero Academia if you are not keeping up with the manga. ATTENTION! WARNING!

Sep 30, 18 at 9:22pm

That moment tho

Sep 30, 18 at 9:41pm

@Izuku_Midoriya Thank you for the warning, Young Midoriya! I was actually about to do one such search...


Death Parade.
I'm very impressed that this anime succeded to make me cry considering that the characters are different every episodes.

Oct 08, 18 at 8:56pm

One Piece

Oct 09, 18 at 3:51am

Jojo's bizarre adventure was the first and only anime ever that made me cry.
Not gonna spoil anything, but it had me crying of happiness and sadness, which is why I think it's better than Fullmetal alchymist (and brotherhood), sorry to say it, but I just like the story a bit more than FMA :/

I hope someone is gonna watch JJBA because of this ;)

Oct 10, 18 at 4:22am

honestly when i rewatched deathnote and then the first time i watched anohana the last episode ;v; i didnt cry when i watched clannad or angel beats i almost did though

Oct 10, 18 at 7:11pm

Your name - I thought it would be boring but the movie surprised me! Highly recommended. I cried like a baby...

Oct 10, 18 at 7:31pm

Clannad: After Story, but I feel like that's a given. Besides that, the climax to Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was the first time I'd ever cried at anime, and to this day the song Requiem still gets me. Just bawling my eyes out while the song plays in my car down the highway

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