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What manga(s) are you reading?

brandish commented on What manga(s) are you reading?
Apr 16, 17 at 4:44pm

Fairy Tail,Haikyuu,Nanatsu no taizai,Noragami,Skip Beat,Boku no hero academia,Black clover,Enen no Shouboutai,Fukumenkei Noise,Gangsta,Gakuen Babysitters,Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun,Horimiya,Kimi no todoke,Nukozuke,P to JK,Sumika Sumire & more

Apr 17, 17 at 11:06am

One piece, mushoku tensei, and I'm trying to find and buy all of flame of recall 10 more to go

Jun 18, 17 at 6:40am

Jun 18, 17 at 8:27am

Hey I was curious what sites people use to order light novels from for a good price,, my local shops dealer is out of stock trying to find Overlord hardcover light novel

Jun 19, 17 at 4:19am

Tenkuu Shinpan
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko
Tamen de Gushi
Kangoku Gakuen
Kiss Him, Not Me
Mahou Shoujo of the End
and a few others

Wandering Weeb commented on What manga(s) are you reading?
Wandering Weeb
Jun 19, 17 at 4:45am

shield hero,OPM,ibitsu,onani master kurosawa,tomo chan onanoko and watamote

Jun 19, 17 at 3:23pm

I read thes on and off again, Kamisama kiss,my little monster,blood lad,killing stalking,until death do us part,skip beat,love so life,at the end of road, attack on titan, d.gray man, and junji Ito's cat diary

Yognaut13 commented on What manga(s) are you reading?
Jun 23, 17 at 5:46pm

Currently reading Psycho-Pass and just picked up the Danganronpa manga. Will likely be starting more series as soon as I don't have to worry about paying for university XD


I will be buying the next 3 volumes of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga by the end of next month as a birthday present for myself. I already obtained and read the first 3 volumes last year and absolutely loved them. So this year I plan on continuing to go through that particular series.

Jun 23, 17 at 10:59pm

Im reading Bloody Monday.

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