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sword art online season 3

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Feb 18, 17 at 11:04am

owlthegentleman commented on sword art online season 3
Feb 18, 17 at 12:46pm

I hope new one will be like the first world of SAO. I didn't like the other games.

Feb 18, 17 at 4:01pm

Feb 18, 17 at 4:58pm

Mar 07, 17 at 8:24am

I'll watch it, seeing movie Thursday. It's a fun time even if season 2 feels alittle worn down as far as stakes go.

Mar 10, 17 at 1:51am

Movie was amazing btw, now wondering what if any they will hold Canon from the movie to the Anime. Obviously its not Canon with the Manga but for the Anime will they just act like the movie never happened?

Mar 15, 17 at 7:41am

from what I've read the actual season three may be live action instead of anime do to the fact that another studio bought the international copy rights to it. I belive the studio is skydance entertainment ive added the link to a web site with more deatails

Mar 15, 17 at 9:00am

That article you linked said season 3 will only cover part of the next arc. Nothing about the live series replacing it.

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