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Most Anticipated Upcoming Anime?


^For me, it's less about Bleach, and more about spoilers.

Regardless of the view of a series being good or bad, everyone deserves to be able to experience the story without major plot elements being spoiled simply because someone's stance is "fuck everyone"


The only problem I have here. Is the thought chain path from your comments you provided It's retarded to begin with. It's a lunacy chain. That's why your weird. That's why I respond with lunacy.

Like kenpachi bankai hasn't been posted on this Anime site??? You clearly meant to grab some type of who tf cares upper hand. Like art gets posted everywhere from manga on this site???

Your weird.


"Your not worth the effort." And yet, here you are...


@a1ephy hey Aleph, come here and bring some pop corn.


"I hate you all, your (intentionally using wrong grammar) all stupid. I'm leaving the site" *Comes back an hour later*
"Your (intentionally using wrong grammar) weird and not worth my time to respond" *Keeps replying*

I got my lunchtime joy from this. I'll move on. And unlike some weirdos, I actually do what I say xD


Sad, you got yo lunch time joy from this.



This is what happens when you don't nuke people and they get a big head. I took his solid advice. Now he thinks he's the smartest motherfucker on the planet. I was just looking at it go to his head. It's not like I didn't expect this. But, I'm over nuking people. Unless it's actually beneficial. I don't know what tf this is. How'd I get into this?

You win bro. I can never be like you. I envy you. I'm gonna go wallow in self pity now. Thanks for trashing me.


Oh @Panda I will argue about Bleach. Cause I love it. Tite Kubo was a cool dude. No shame here. Why should you be ashamed of what you love. Public opinion can go choke on a stick idk??? IDC.

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