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western cosplayers just look fake when they Cosplay Anime characters


I don't see what the big deal is. Cosplay is about having fun and dressing up as your favorite character from anime, videogames, etc.

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Unless they do it as a source of revenue (I'm sure they do it for fun too) then cosplayers do it for themselves, some to feel like they can play their favourite character, but as themself, not literally be the character. In that sense, good on them, every single cosplayer for doing what they enjoy. (There's probably loads of other reasons too XD)

Some people watch anime to escape to another world, to feed their imagination and creativity, so how is cosplay any different.


If photoshop can make someone look like Anime character then there would already been many western cosplayers out there who successfully Cosplay Anime characters, or there won't be that many Anime fans who complain about western cosplayers ruining Anime characters.

The western cosplayer on the pic is photoshoped but she still look nothing like the Anime character, in fact she just make a mockery of the Anime character.

So whoever said Asian cosplayers look good because of photoshop are just super jelly that they hemselves look nothing like Anime characters no matter what they do even by using photoshop.


I just think
That if you are going or planning to cosplay someone please put effort and make it look as close as the anime
As far as if it's western or not.
I think the point he was trying to bring home is that western cosplayers mainly do shitty cosplay and they wear it proudly
Which I agreed upon that


What in the flying fuck is this thread...


A thread that needs deleted.


Which threads aren’t you on? Especially the controversial ones
(I know this is an old thread)

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