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western cosplayers just look fake when they Cosplay Anime characters


Those western cosplayers have fun by hurting millions Anime fans, I seriously don't like them keep on ruining my favorite Anime girls.

Look nothing like Anime characters = Ruining Anime characters = Hurting millions fans of the Anime characters.

If they have fun doing that then they are just sick psychos.


As a western Cosplayer hating on these cosplayers is wrong. Cosplay is about having fun. Sure some might not look as accurate but that does not mean that they are "ruining anime characters". Seriously, it doesn't matter who you are. You do you and if that means you are going to cosplay. Go for it! Cosplay is blind to race, sexuality, gender, and all labels. Cosplay is fun and for fun.


Ive seen some amazing western cosplayers. so I dont think it's impossible for westerners to look good cosplaying anime/video game characters. but there are some bad looking cosplays out there. no hate toward the people who just cosplay for fun but theres no harm in pointing out better looking versus not as good looking cosplay.


LOL...i actually think a lot of asian cosplayers look nothing like who their cosplaying. Honestly it varies from cosplayer to cosplayer, were not all dittos, of course were all gonna look different. most asians look like each other imo. just some prettier than others.


Most ppl i know, cosplay characters becuz they end up being their favorite characters and do it for fun, not because they look 100% like the character. not saying that wrong, but ppl will cosplay whoever they want, you dont like fat sailor moon man, will too bad lol. your not the only one who Loves sailor moon lol. thats just an example. hating on cosplayers is not nice.


Omg look out everyone those sick psychos are ruining anime. How could they be so selfish and hurt millions of anime fans. Dude you are fucking hilarious! You are trolling us right??
Here is a present for you some awesome cosplay for you to enjoy. Have a nice day ^_^

They all look awesome!!


I've always planned on cosplaying as Arima from Tokyo Ghoul.
I normally wear glasses and have a serious face so I think I look a bit like him


Man, if I ever cosplayed, all the women's would end up pregnant when I walked by!

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