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Secret Anime Crush???

My old school anime crushes would be Sailor Jupiter, Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo and Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star.
Nov 21, 15 at 8:48pm
Taiga from toradora. Shhhh don't tell no one >.>
Nov 21, 15 at 9:15pm
Tamaki Suoh and Kyo Sohma...
It's not really a secret, but Takanashi Rikka (Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions). Don't say anything, neet; It's the same show, okay?!
My first anime crush was actually Sailor Uranus. Then it was Piccolo. And now I like about 600 different anime characters and they all range in gender and other key identification factors. xD
which piccolo? king piccolo, jr piccolom fused piccolo?
Nov 22, 15 at 2:18am
Holo from Spice and Wolf comes to mind. A very witty and intelligent character who stands out as a unique female lead character. Plus she's voiced by Brina Palencia who is my favorite voice actress lol
L from death note, Kagari from psycho pass and Jean from attack on titan :)
Aww this is so hard...I have so many anime crushes I like... Killua, Luffy, Sanji, Ace, Bullet, Arthur, Tian San, Mori, Kuga, Peter the white rabbit, the mad hatter, Levi...and so many more I don't want to type down lol
I agree with the "dark haired, megane sadistic bastards." comment. I have a crush on Kyoya too t.t also on Senin (manga character) because he is essentially the same only not rich. I love them both.
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