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Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?

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Sep 03, 16 at 8:29pm

I just finished 'Mayoiga'. I still feel conflicted as to whether I like it or not. :D


I've been mostly watching current stuff recently, but I did just rewatch Maria Holic so I could try watching the second season again since I couldn't really follow it when it came out. I had to do the same thing with Working! too. Your Lie in April was the last one I binge watched in a day though.

Tired of here. Inactive. commented on Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?
Tired of here. Inactive.
Sep 06, 16 at 1:47am

Future Diary. Binge watched on Hulu >.>;



Is there any other way to watch Future Diary other than binge watching?


Steins Gate. Now I'm watching Re:Zero and it has been fun comparing the going back in time thing both animes share

Sep 12, 16 at 7:20pm

The last 3 I watched were awesome. God eater, then watched Tokyo ghoul, then watched mob psycho 100

I recommend any of the 3. They're not long, but mob is still going ep 11 comes out next Monday


Engaged To The Unidentified and Nisekoi Season 1. That's like a back to back non-stop of "ow-my-sides-are-in-pain-i-can't-stop-laughing" in my anime watching sessions.


It's been a while since I've watched something from start to finish, but the last one was GATE Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri.


Chaika the coffin princess 1&2

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