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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

I was pretty young at the time, but I remember randomly watching akira the movie on the scifi channel back in the day haha and voltron..


The first anime I watched was Kill la Kill, of course I watched things like Pokemon and Digimon as a kid but they didn't turn me into an otaku. I guess I was sort of against anime culture before I watched KLK for whatever reason. One of my friends kept talking about it so eventually I just decided to give it a try and I really liked it. :)

So yeah, I started pretty recently, March 2014. I watched Higurashi right after and has since been my favorite anime.


Hi there!!! I'm Todorin, and I'm 18. Mmm... my best friend when I was in 4th grade was Japanese, and she sat me down and forced me to watch Bleach. That, and Tokyo Mew Mew got me into anime!!!


Hey guys, just turned 18, first anime I ever watched was Naruto, but No Game No Life turned me into a true otaku.


Hello my name is Rez, I'm... .old. I guess it started for me back in the 90's, while I knew Voltron/Macross (we called it Robotech) it didn't click that it was a certain kind of animation nor were we obsessed (ok maybe w/the Voltron toys) I really became more of an otaku with Akira, Pat Labor, Record of the Lodoss War.

Later it was Gundam Wing....(i was young and political back then as so many that are in their youth and naive are) Later it spiraled into some newer lovey stories animes called Inuyasha and then something about ramen with Ninja's in it called Naruto.
---------------------- (o.O)
One of the very first anime I've ever seen was VOLTRON,

but it was in the 90s all thanks to Rumiko Takahashi's work that
got me interested in Anime as a such as Maison Ikkoku & Ranma 1/2

I saw mecha anime such as Macross, patlabor and gundam...

The 90s was a great time <----------------------------------whole hearted agree sir!


I am Me; it was Soul Eater about 4 years ago that finally pushed me to otaku. Pokemon first anime though.


Hetalia surprisingly :3. Firstly watched Yugioh when I was 6 maybe. Pokemon wasn't long though ^^


What turn me into an Otaku was Tenchi Muyo. I'm still crazy about it! Just not as much as I was at first. Lol Just so many anime that I love right now. But right now I'm so on top of the anime called Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. I already reseen it like 14 times. Still waiting for that new season to come in!


Love Hina is what turned me from being a kid watching Toonami stuff to a real otaku. What a mistake the last 12 years have been.

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