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I wanted to know the general opinion of players about the kiddies that you can get?

Unlike awakening in which the kids were extremely powerful but required some dedication to use, here on Fates they come... Complete to jump to the fight. O.o

What pairings and children do you guys like doing the most?

So far the ones Ive managed to put to good use, have been only Ophelia, even tho she had a Strength mother (didnt knew the child would be magical) she still became a good force late in the game

Dec 04, 16 at 7:34pm

Xander x Charlotte works well for me
Takumi x Oboro/Camilla also works well
Subaki x Selena because red hair and the special conversation Selena has with Caeldori
Elise x Odin pretty good for Ophelia's magic
Silas x Hinoka was by accident, but I actually really liked it.
Corrin x Anna just because I love Anna so much
The rest of the pairings are all over the place

As for my favorite kids Midori, Sophie, Mitama, Caeldori, Shiro, Shigure, Ophelia and Forrest

Jan 09, 17 at 9:56pm

I paired Mamui with Sakura,
Mamui's talent was mage set that off to Sakura with her high magic stat
Made Sakura into a mage
Grinded a lot
had Kana
made Sakura reclass into sorcerer
Kana's dragonstone should be amazing

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