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Post Pet Pics!

Aug 18, 16 at 10:27am

So we all have and love our pets.

Or maybe there are pets that we still wish to have?

This is a place to show off your pets and talk about them or ones that you may want! Whether they be dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, or even nopes like spiders!

I'll start with my scruffy corgi mix.

Aug 18, 16 at 10:32am

Lol a cat nap would be amazing right now!


Here is my dog Marceline after my daughter dressed her up as a princess :D

Aug 18, 16 at 10:40am

Always watching, always waiting... for food.


Awww look into her eyes. You will give her food :D haha. She is kawaii. Your cat is adorable btw Leeks ^_^

Aug 18, 16 at 10:53am

Does anyone have one of these little guys? I've always wanted one.


I haven't got one but I rescued an injured one I found on my way home from shopping last year. They took him away to a wildlife rescue. I wish we could of had him as a pet though.

Aug 18, 16 at 11:13am

Awww! That's amazing you did that. I'm jealous, it would have been nice to have one even if briefly. Hopefully, he's much better now!

Daggera commented on Post Pet Pics!
Aug 18, 16 at 11:16am

Here is my pet, he isn't house broken yet but I am working getting him properly trained. His name is Freedom.

Edited: On a side not if I had one I would name it Hans from the folklore.

Aug 18, 16 at 11:18am

Really...? Even here...? So stubborn.

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