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Japanese name?

Apr 30, 17 at 5:04pm
When I studied abroad in Nerima, we translated our names. Of course I already had during my Japanese language classes back home but I was told that with English names when translating to Katakana their is a little leeway. Mine is Joshua so in katakana its ジョシュア literally Joshua. But if I way wanted to translate my name to a Kanji name I have a few routes: one go by syllables and choose appropriate sounding kanji or to choose kanji that have the same meaning as your name, if your name as a meaning. Japanese who tend to interact with English speaking people tend to choose an English name they like, which sounds nothing like their real names most of the time.
@Acecfa44 If you're looking for your name to be transliterated into Japanese and uses Kanji: 凧多 たこた takota It means "many kites".
It's interesting, thanks!
Oct 17, 22 at 8:25pm
Wanna know the name? https://i.redd.it/t1woegtfzwc81.png No really! What's my name?
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