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(B)'s Maid Cafe

Hello and good day to you. My name is B, personal owner of new B's Maid cafe. We strive for excellence in treating our customers to the best experience. We are still looking to fill positions, so please, come over, pull up a chair and enjoy.
Jun 29, 16 at 7:15pm
Jun 29, 16 at 7:18pm
I knew it. XD...
Jun 29, 16 at 7:32pm
No regrets.
Apparently not all our patrons are satisfied. :(
Wow sooo coool.^^ How is the maid cafe?
Jul 01, 16 at 8:24am
@ Lover Of Singing The cafe is much too quiet. You should brighten the mood in here with a song.
Jul 12, 16 at 7:49am
-Pushes open the cafe door peering inside to take a look around. Blinks and slowly walks in nervously clattering over to a seat at the bar. She curls a finger through her hair part of a nervous habit and waits patiently to be served-
hello there mam what woud you like
Jul 12, 16 at 10:02am
-Twiddles her fingers and looks down at them, then looks up and takes a short breath before speaking up softly.- "Umm...I'd like to have a cup of Green tea and a strawberry shortcake if that's okay..." -She looked up at the waitress with her dark green eyes and looked away looking around not seeing too many people-
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