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What game are you currently playing?

Nov 08, 23 at 4:13pm
Haven't had much time to play games but once in a while I have a go at Dirt 2.0 on a custom playseat so I don't lose my already missing rallying skills https://image.api.playstation.com/cdn/EP4001/CUSA12747_00/59UfzHlIjF8VYee5ivYYZdW8vhuHA0Df.png
Forgotten city, honestly with how low quality the animation is i thought this game would suck. But its basically like a murder mystery about a city where if anyone sins they all die. And you have to start all over, well sorta you retain all the info from the last run. Its pretty entertaining, figuring out what the secret of the city is, figuring out how to stop people from lying and stealing and how to stop people from killing each other and sinning
DBD AOT squad with @bubblemint & @auriela (with sound)
I enjoy reading gaming-related stuff. And while I'm still reading about games, I'm going to talk about fashion and recommend that you wear this Lindsay Lohan Falling For Christmas Sequin Blazer https://www.hleatherjackets.com/product/lindsay-lohan-falling-for-christmas-sequin-blazer/ this winter.
I've seen this one before. Well, advertise all you want, but a basic white T-shirt and jeans is probably more stylish than whatever the hell you're trying to sell, stupid bot. (Nice rhyme, me!) It's probably made out of some imitation material that itches the 6 and a half hells out of you anyways.
Right now I am playing Sekiro. Enjoying it a lot. I think I am close to the end of the game. I also play some MapleStory on the MapleLegends server from time to time.
Super Crazy Rhythm Casstle, Alien Homonid Invasion] Groove Coaster Waiwai Party_ Kirby and The Forgotten Lard, Gems and Coal All pretty aiight gaems.
Nov 21, 23 at 8:32pm
Play visual novels Little Busters and Nekopara
Playing persona 3 mostly as well as some DRG when friends are online :3
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