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When will they ever have Conventions in New York?

I seen a lot of conventions other states, but to be honest I really wanted one to be in New York, unless they doo have one and I don't here about them...
Liberty City Anime Con! New dates being announced soon.
They have New York Comic Con in September.
They had one but I missed it and I cannot attend since work. It was last September near somewhere in Time Square Comic Con.
they keep failing lmao i mean we have new york comic con which is the biggest convention in the united states of any kind but fuck that RIP big apple anime fest RIP new york anime festival
Come to Florida. We have tons of cons. It is fun. For the past 7 weeks there been a con every weekend Like I count 3 cons just this weekend alone. I was at a con two weeks ago, I skipped last weekend one day con I know of and I'm going to a con tomorrow.
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