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Animore in January

I'm considering it, maybe consider it as a early birthday party for myself
I'll be going on Saturday and Sunday in cosplay. I've never been before, so I'm hoping it'll be a good experience
Yeah awesome! I hope to see you guys there
I'll be attending as well.Coming with a vendor,and will help him set up and reload after the show. Cosplaying as Keith from Voltron,and will also do Cosplay Travels.
Dec 07, 15 at 12:11am
Animore Baltimore? I'll be there, as press. My buddy is probably going to present some panels as well. It would be fun to meet up.
Ima try to go i need to buy thw ticket @.@
hopefully i can go!! the only problem for me would be needing a ride hope i can find one, baltimore isnt so far
Dec 18, 15 at 12:07am
Hellooooo Who's ready and excited for this small con I know I sure am Sadly I have to work but thank god I have a room to stay. Plus my job is a few blocks away ^^ Hope to see ya :)
Jan 08, 16 at 12:57pm
I'm going as Taokaka but probably only on saturday and sunday.
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