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Anyone play Japanese Mahjong

Jul 18, 15 at 7:38pm

Anyone play Mahjong (Japanese Rules before) The game is fun. Just shout out if you played Mahjong before.

Miyanaga Teru ❤

Jul 21, 15 at 4:25am

I do

Akagi best mahjong animu

Jul 21, 15 at 8:57am

YES! do you play. セガNET麻雀MJ. I like akagi also. This ones a nice mahjong client lol

Jul 21, 15 at 12:27pm

No, never played mahjong but I heard of it. Always wanted to try mahjong & I always wanted to try Go.

Jul 21, 15 at 2:22pm

If you can master this, this thing is good practice once you learn the rules and hands.

Aug 01, 15 at 9:43am

I know the general rules and can play, but I've never made the effort to memorize all the special winning hands. And, go Saki!

Aug 01, 15 at 10:21am

Eyyy, yeah expensive hands are hard to make and easy to read.

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