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Janza @janza started RWBY
Jul 07, 15 at 11:34pm
Thoughts? Personally I like the story, characters, voice acting, etc. But the 3D character designs doesn't do it for me. I like the 2D animation you see on the box art instead. Why didn't they go for that route?
T @thevoiceofanime commented on RWBY
Jul 08, 15 at 5:34am
Probably just not how monty oum wanted to do it, everyone has their own preferences. But I for one thought it was a commendable attempt at making an anime.
Dude, I love RWBY its awesome! The first season blew me away with its story, animation, & characters. The second season more so, both season have awesome music as well. As far as I'm concerned both season have a great balance of action, humor, & story to keep my attention for years to come.
Janza @janza commented on RWBY
Jul 08, 15 at 5:07pm
I just hope they can continue on after the death of the creator. RIP
Jul 08, 15 at 7:17pm
I love RWBY the battle scenes and stuff are pretty awesome as well as the whole universe in general. Season 3 is coming out though, I hope it'll be just as awesome as the last two were since Monty isn't there anymore but I'm sure it'll still be great!
Jul 30, 15 at 3:33pm
I didn't have any interest in this show until after the death of Monty Oum, but was really glad that I picked it up. Great action mixed with comedy. Not a fan of the art style, but you get used to it. Definitely looking forward to season 3.
Jinsei @jinsei commented on RWBY
Jul 30, 15 at 4:58pm
After debate I heard they will continue with RWBY for which I am glad. I had to get used to the art but I don't find it terrible. In fact I find it even more awesome that the software they used to create it is available on the consumer market. Any one of us could buy it without having to refinance our mortgage and make something of similar quality.
Jul 31, 15 at 9:40am
The introduction to Yangs mother yeyeye
Nakama @jacob1 commented on RWBY
Aug 01, 15 at 9:08pm
At first I hated the animation and now I love the style. I hope there is a third season on it's way. Jon is the man.
Apr 29, 23 at 10:33am
Mannn volume 9 was amazing. My favourite volume so far
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