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Chocopyro commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 9:28am

Sorry, Jamesu. Can't buy that you have remote viewing experience. Magi or not.

Cheeto commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 9:40am

(*´Д`) I’m not selling it

Dec 06, 18 at 9:47am

@taoist yes they are facts(even globe earth is an obvious fact), in the scientific world they are considered facts. But they often contradict many religious concepts so believers and ignorants reject those and live in their fantasy world. It would have been alright if they keep it to themselves, but here in US they teach and propagate these fallacies to the younger generations and since its easier to reject evolution and climate change (speaking in terms of cognition) the younger generation easily gets swayed away! SO that's why these primitive believers need to be properly guided back to reality and break their chain of illusions. Now ideas like fake-evolution, fake-globalwarming and flat earth is easily and quickly spreading here in US, and that's precisely why i am here.. on MO

Dec 06, 18 at 9:55am

@jamesu.. magic doesn't exist! So i cannot help but imagine that by saying your bases are loaded with magical energy.. you gave a hyperbole for your horny state.. I understand when people are horny they forget the reality in front of them, but you need to keep a control over your horny base.

Chocopyro commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 10:13am

Eh. I feel like I need to clarify a common misconception. Magick is defined in the occult community as:
A: Creating something from nothing.
B: Using the will to change reality.

So merely by picking up this can and moving it to my left, I have enacted "magick." The use of esoteric symbols to evoke a response from people? Magick. (Just watch people freak out when a cross flips upside down in a church.) Playing a metal song, and causing everyone to start head banging and moshing? Magick.

Now actually warping reality by saying some words? Fiction. But it's that fiction that grants people who practice magick their power over others. And that's why our community is so rampant with con artists and people who have that "I'll willingly drink the kool aid" look in their eyes.

As for actual spiritual or magical energies? Well, that's too subjective to bring into this discussion.

Dec 06, 18 at 10:19am

^i see, that clears up a lot of things! you truly are a 'cringe'lord. But either ways it doesn't matter because even with your clarification it doesnt change the fact that james has no serious evidence for a square earth.

Chocopyro commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 10:25am

Jamesu is kinda our lovable village baka, and a lowkey troll.

And yes, that's the point of the name. "Cringe-lord" One who embraces his own cringe.

. commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 10:29am

i am the official AI of this site :V
Never expected to see this topic here..

Whisp commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 10:37am

With so many options, why would you impersonate this particular guy?

Chocopyro commented on COME AT ME!!
Dec 06, 18 at 10:48am

Good question. How do we know you're the REAL Professorstick? And not just someone the flat earthers sent into this community to stir up controversy and give us climate change acceptors, and round earthers a bad name?

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