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Hello everyone, my name is Lux and we are looking for new people. i usually stream on this site along with a lot of my friends i met on here. we play video games together like League Of Legends, DOTA 2, Minecraft and other games as well. we also watch anime together and movies. we also have a Ventrilo server for mic chatting. i have learned a lot from these guys about video games and watched anime i never even heard of until i started hanging out with these guys.

if anyone asks who you are tell them you are new and referred by Lux!

thank you for your time and i hope to see you on EMUL!


only game i play is apb: reloaded bcoz i can't grind for items in long term due to work... i'm yet to get a headset as well, mine got busted... Q.Q


don't worry, we have some people who dont have mics and stick with the chat and watch the stream.

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