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League Of Legends

May 26, 15 at 3:22am
any of you play league ? your main role, and your thoughts on the current meta and how you deal with it ? T.T got demoted from Gold V to silver III
All about that DOta 2 baby
May 27, 15 at 8:59am
lol aint tht sad
May 27, 15 at 3:20pm
This account has been suspended.
Main role is support but i can play anything with decent skill main champion is Bard I love this son of a bitch with all my heart <3 best champ I ever tested as for the meta if you're referring to the age of tanks then its cause Cinderhulk and shit is amazing one of the my favorite things to beta test in league but tanks just got huge buffs before that even i mean Sejuani has been kinda threat for well sicne she was release but due to the jungle change Gromp passive and cinderhulk she just became a god Nautilus got some good buffs along the way and Zac well he got noticed a bit so eh cant complain but just the overall mechanics in jungle from chilling smite to gromp just allows them a lot more to do and function with now that doesn't mean junglers like Kha'zix and Rengar can't still be useful but its just they're a bit lack luster so to say compared to them if youre refering for ranked however i would say that just like any other years new picks and bans come to the table cause of the preseason changes i mean look bunnyfufu mains urgot in solo queue well i dont know much cause I only watch when Gravity plays D how i deal with it is basically i adapt thats pretty much it xD im not like some super badass high tier ranked person but due to me adapting and learning what to build thatll be more efficient then more effective i was able to 1v2 plats in a normal random match xD i also thing it depends on your play style some dont work in the current meta as well tanks are our ruling gods and with their sustain and tankyness its gonna be annoying to play against for the long run if you want someone with way more experience and probably doesn't ramble i can try hooking you up with my friend he has the liberty of fighting almost all of the LCS members over the years of playing and is a really good coach could see if he could loan you a few pointers
Man, I really wish I knew what you guys were talking about, so I'm just gonna nod my head and act like I understand everything.
May 27, 15 at 11:26pm
I main mid, been playing ADC for a bit, still trying to find my main few ADC champions, right now im leaning towards Corki, Sivir, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Graves but still getting to play them so yea Played support and top as well, sucked at jungle simply cuz of ganks so yea not going back to that again XD Mains are Ahri, Yasuo, Katarina and Hecarim
May 27, 15 at 11:28pm
And i dont play ranked simply because my net sucks, i cant even play normal games without lagging so i stick to co op or custom lol Once i get better net ill play normals
May 28, 15 at 12:47am
So I main "the filler role". Because usually it's a fight in the champ select and nobody wants a yasuo support or kog mah jungle -.-; but I enjoy draven and heimer the most :3 The meta is fine if you avoid assassins, trust me ;) I enjoy the fall of shaco and zed!
playing since season 1 on lol hope to get to plat tops this season lets see XD i also play smite tried dota 2 but dint like it so much main role jungler for life :P but in a point on season 2 i started to learn to play in every role like Pawfish said "usually it's a fight in the champ select and nobody wants a yasuo support or kog mah jungle" on rankeds Vi Rengar Braum Nasus Ziggs Dravennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Skarner and Twisted Fate <3 are by far my favorites and i have all the 120 champs so yeah big list to pick xD
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