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Kick arse fighting card game


Has anyone played or heard of UFS, Universal Fighting System card game? It's a really awesome TCG that's based on fighting game franchises like Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Darkstalkers, King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown. There are also a few fantasy realm sets not based on fighting games too. It's fast paced, complexe but easy to learn and way cheaper than Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh. The game plays as much like a fighting game in card form. If you don't know about it I would definitely check it out. Jasco Games owns the TCG so check out their site.


I had never heard of UFS but I checked it out I like it alot I might just get into this. I use too play magic and Yu-Gi-Oh all the time and youre right it defiantly cheaper. Also I like it because I grew up with all those fighting games so I can see myself playing this for hours.


Yeah this game is pretty cool. It also features one of the coolest prizes in gaming. When you win a nationals or worlds you get to design your own character card and it will be legal for play. It will have your full name, and your likeness drawn by whoever you choose to commission. You also get to design its abilities (but they have to be vetted by the makers so its balanced). You then get hundreds of these to sell, trade or give away (with with later getting printed in promo packs).

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