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idk if right forum.

Fetlife. I know me and one other person is on there. Anyone else?
Mar 12, 15 at 2:53pm
I was on there briefly but then said "forget it". A lot of people were asking me to come over. I would feel better at social events though with lots of people.
Very interesting to run into people from here on there. I'm just not active on it really. Maybe I ought to be.
Mar 12, 15 at 3:01pm
Haha my account is deactivated.
Mar 12, 15 at 3:13pm
I did a little researched on the site... what's the info on it? Whats so cool about it?
I never deactivated mine, just left it alone. There's anime, manga, cosplay communities as well as stuff for many fandoms outside the obvious that's on there.
Mar 12, 15 at 4:15pm
@Scarehead I suppose what is cool about it is if you have a kink or a fetish, you are able to talk to people within that kink or fetish in a community. I'm more vanilla, honestly, but I am very interested in those kind of things.
Same here, just haven't gave it a lot of time . Be cool to make buds into same interests and kinks.
that is why im on there. I wont go into it on this thread. but I'm part of a few things.
Mar 12, 15 at 5:22pm
I lot of people seemed to have been taken to me because I got plenty of messages from guys around my area saying things like "Oh, I can teach/help you out." It was a bit too much for me to really handle at the time.
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