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Getting over and starting a-new.


So..Lemme try and get this the least TL;DR way possible.

I had a girlfriend for three straight years, the first and ONLY girl I've dated in my lifetime. We've been apart for almost three years as of July 4th...Oddly our anniversary. I want to try and get over her, and find someone else. But to be honest I find it so hard because I want someone better than her. Someone who LIKES the things I do, someone who can sit down and play retro videogames and headbang to metal with me, or mosh to some punk. I dunno...It feels like everything's bleak. I haven't gotten over the heartbreak.

What do, maiotaku?


give yourself more time to get over your first relationship and reflect on what you learned from it....


What she said, but I'll add that maybe at some point you should check out some events that you like (conventions, concerts) and see who you meet there. Believe me, buddy, I know how you feel. I've been there.


Thanks you guys. I'll be sure to (hopefully) learn from it. ^^ Again, thankies!



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