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Shuto con 2015

Is anyone else going me and my friends are hosting two panels a aot one and a yoai one. if you are going what are you wearing
My friend and I are going, but I'm not sure what we will be cosplaying as yet. Something. Anyways, we'll probably check out your aot panel :D
Nov 30, 14 at 10:27pm
I am planning on going, I went as Snake at Youmacon this year...really been thinking about maybe pulling off a Gene Starwind. Really hard to decide characters to portray as since there are not that many with beards! I know Starwind doesn't have a beard, so I may sacrifice the beard lol.
I should be there! My cosplay planning is poop, but hoping to have Koujaku from DMMd finished, and possibly Konoe from Lamento since that's an easy one. Besides those, probably dragging along Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice and Koga from Inuyasha. Also only just now realized this site has a forum... Handy that!
Feb 10, 15 at 7:41pm
Madoka Magica Cosplaying! Ill be doing Mami, so feel free to Hollar if you see me!
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