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Projects and Whatnot

Lmao the grinder bit me hard, took away a bunch of skin off my hand. Fresh 40 grit belts hurt quite a lot.
Another cool thing, making another one for a friend since it's our passion protect, his design, my work.
That sure is a beaut! Hopefully it will go to great use. Just be sure to keep that hatchet away from anyone wearing a red raincoat.
May 08, 21 at 6:58pm
https://i.imgur.com/7GBf9lH.jpg Servos came sooner than expected. Doggy is built, just needs to be wired and programmed. I still have to solder up a control board. I have some solderable breadboards so ill just use that.
Here is my before pic of my AR, i completely plan on tricking it out. Probably gonna wrap it, add iron and red dot sights, maybe change to stock for something rubberized in the back who knows. This bad boy is pretty long like 32 inches, barrel is 16, twist rate of 1:8 and it has flash concealment. Crazy it only cost $900
Very nice, everyone recommends the sig romeo 5 for a good budget red dot, i don't personally have experience but i have a couple friends who have it and they all say it's great.
Me knowing i bought a sig romeo but its for pistols https://i.ytimg.com/vi/790f1vyLiBk/hqdefault.jpg
Time to buy a pistol then
@reisenpai66 what is this dogs purpose in its life?
@projectotakux It passes butter.
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