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Hope and prayers for the citizens of Japan


In this extremely difficult time after one of the worst earthquakes in the history or the world, let's all say some prayers for the citizens of Japan.


You beat me to it. For anyone who wants to help out in some way, I have this link


My prayers are with the Japanese people.


My prayers are definitely with the Japanese people. I wish for a full-recovery and hope that the people of Japan stay strong. I hope the efforts to help them are working!! Stay strong Japan!!


Wow, it's getting really bad over there. Impossible to imagine 10,000 dead and tens of thousands missing (Yahoo News). Even harder to imagine a few power plants melting down and the long term effect.


i am definitely praying for the people of japan.


The great shock was received though there was no direct harm because I lived in the country.
The remediation activity is continuing in the stricken area now.

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